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The first music video of our new tropical album is now published!! Please share the love. We depend on the support of beautiful people like you to let the world know about our music. We have also included a translation on the YouTube page so that you can better appreciate the message of our song. Thank you for following, supporting, loving, dreaming and just being plain awesome!!

LLEGASTE | SOQ Project (You Came to me) Sounds of Quiroga - A Salsa, Merengue, Bachata Project


¡El primer video musical de nuestro nuevo disco tropical ya está publicado! Por favor compartan la canción ya que dependemos del apoyo de gente bella como ustedes para que el mundo se entere de nuestra música. Gracias por seguirnos, por apoyar, por compartir, por amar, por soñar y... !por ser maravillosos!

LLEGASTE | SOQ Project Sounds of Quiroga - A Salsa, Merengue, Bachata Project

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