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Interview with OH Magazine, Los Tiempos Newspaper, Bolivia

'Nora la Bella' chosen ALBUM OF THE WEEK by Latin Jazz Net - (ENGLISH)

"The music is edgy and brilliant. Its energy is turbulent and visceral, and beautiful. Tisera sings with wondrous colouratura, in employing motifs and melismas awoken by radical ideas and revolutionary recitatives. Her music is also dramatically transformed by generational folklore, melded with Afro-centric and Spanish influences; just enough to suggest jazz idioms. And this is what makes it such an extraordinary recording..."

Sounds of Quiroga: A Salsa, Bachata, Merengue Project

Gian-Carla speaks to Los Tiempos Newspaper (Bolivia) about her new Tropical Album in collaboration with Dominican Producer Arturo Pena.

Nora la Bella CD Review by Jazz Tokyo Magazine - (JAPANESE)

Nora la Bella CD Review by Takehiko Tak Tokiwa of Jazz Tokyo Magazine: "Her singing is dramatic...the way in which she sings creates a great fusion with Latin rhythms. The mark she leaves in the musical stage of the American continent is deserving of great atention." 


Crítica de Nora la Bella por la revista Jazz Tokyo: "Su canto es dramá forma en la canta se mezcla muy bien con los ritmos latinos. La huella que Tisera deja en el continente Americano merece mucha atención."



Nora la Bella: CD Review by Latino Magazine, Texas - (ENGLISH)

"A release that boasts its own strikingly singular personality is the bracing, multicultural outing Nora La Bella (Rebeliosa Music) by New York City-based Bolivian soprano Gian-Carla and an all-star ensemble...Tisera and company deliver some of the most original sounds heard in years."

Nora la Bella CD Review by Beat Latino, Chicago - (SPANISH)

Nora la Bella en Beat Latino: Estrenos del Mundo Alternativo por la gran Catalina María Johnson. - Nora la Bella featured in Beat Latino by the Awesome Maria Catalina Johnson and The Alternative World Music Releases Magazine.

Nora la Bella CD Review by Jazz Weekly, Los Angeles - (ENGLISH)

"Want some music that mixes the passionate sensuality of latin folk with the hard swing of jazz? Here’s a lady that delivers. Bolivian vocalist Gian-Carla Tisera has a husky and earthy voice with an at times operatic quality and delivery as she goes through every emotion in the book on this sizzling release."

Gian-Carla Receives the 'Mujeres Destacadas Award 2015', El Diario Newspaper, New York City - (SPANISH)

Veintiseis mujeres con historias de éxito fueron reconocidas ayer, durante el Vigésimo Aniversario del premio Mujeres Destacadas que El Diario entrega cada año para celebrar el trabajo de educadoras, artistas, activistas, políticas y profesionales de todas las ramas, quienes con su trabajo ayudan al mejoramiento de la comunidad hispana de Nueva York

Glowing Critical Jazz 'Nora la Bella' CD Review - (ENGLISH)

"Language is not an issue as the beauty and power of Tisera's sublime gift allows the listener the rare opportunity to simply become enveloped in a lyrical wonderland that few have the ability to absolutely stunning vocal experience." - Brent Black

All.About.Jazz, CD / Track Review for 'Nora la Bella' - (ENGLISH)

"Nora la Bella is an album that effortlessly applies operatic techniques and control to a Latin American Folklore and Jazz Inspired songbook. With a unique fusion of Opera, Bolivian folk music and Latin jazz, Nora la Bella is a striking musical journey worth taking." 


A Bolivian Breaks Operatic Rules in the United States, El Deber Newspaper, Bolivia - (SPANISH)

Boliviana rompe las reglas de la opera en Estados Unidos.


"A Bolivian singer breaks the rules of opera in the United States: Now as an independent artist and backed up by her new album 'Nora la Bella', she returns to Bolivia for a tour that includes the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Tarija."

Featured in El Diario New York Newspaper: Tropical Opera - (SPANISH)



The Examiner: You've Never Heard Anything Like Gian-Carla's 'Nora la Bella' - (ENGLISH)

"You've never heard anything like Gian-Carla Tisera’s 'Nora la Bella'...quite possibly a can only welcome it entirely, and you can’t help but admire her bravado. This is Tisera’s jazz opera, and it is righteous." 

Featured in La Voz, the Spanish Publication for the Houston Cronicle - (SPANISH)

"La cantante residente en Nueva York mezcla jazz, música folclórica de su país, música antillana y técnicas operísticas de canto en su primer disco, 'Nora la Bella'."

"The New York-based Bolivian vocalist fuses jazz, Bolivian folk music, Latin American traditional music and operatic singing techniques in her debut album, 'Nora la Bella'."


Feature in New York's Spanish Magazine 'Pie Derecho' - (SPANISH)

Pie Derecho Magazine Covers the Official 'Nora la Bella' CD Release Concert at Americas Society in New York City on September 30th, 2014.

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